Project > Beijing International Hotel


Location Dongcheng District, Beijing
Floor Area 105,000m2
Design Time 1980
Completion Time 1988


1989 National Best Project Design Awards Silver Prize
1990 National Quality Award Silver Prize
1989 Best Design Award of the Ministry of Construction First Prize
1992 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Awards
2009 Architectural Society of China Grand Creation Award

Beijing International Hotel

As the first hotel built by Chinese after the reform and open up, the International Hotel combines the national style and the times requirements together. The hexagon tower with three wings each anchored by cylindrical staircase acts as the main guestroom building. Four granite columns of the porch reminds the ornamental columns in front of the TiananmenTower. And the head of the colonnade in the podium is developed out of the traditional Xieshan roof. Round and octagon are the theme pattern occupied all over the hotel to utilize the style of the hotel.
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