Project > Centennial Lecture Hall of Peking University


Location Haidian District, Beijing
Floor Area 12,411m2
Design Time 1997
Completion Time 1998


2000 National Best Project Design Award Silver Prize
2002 National Quality Award Silver Prize
2000 National Best Project Design Industry Award Second Prize
2009 Architectural Society of China Grand Creation Award

Centennial Lecture Hall of Peking University

The lecture hall is set up to commemorate the 100th anniversary of PekingUniversity. It is located on the north of the famous public space – theTriangle Place. The main volume of the building is set back and rotated 45 degrees to harmonize the huge theater and the small-scaled traditional campus. The space axes formed by the pavilion, the square and the hall, highlights the commemorative nature of the building and is integrated with the building style of the campus and the surround areas.
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