Project > Capital Museum


Cooperated with AREP, France
Location Haidian District, Beijing
Floor Area 63,390㎡
Design Time 2001
Completion Time 2005


2008 National Best Project Design Awards Silver Prize
2008 National Best Project Design Industry Awards Second Prize
2008 National Green Building Renovation Award Third Prize
2008 Architectural Society of China Creative Architecture Award Merit Work
2007 Architectural Society of China Structural Best Design Award Second Prize
2006 Tien-Yom Jeme Civil Engineering Prize
2007 ICE China Award Silver Prize
2009 Architectural Society of China Grand Creation Award

Capital Museum

The New Capital Museum is a remarkable building of Changan Street. A simple rectangular plan is well responding to the urban structure of the Beijing, and the traditional materials of the building with bronze, wood, and brick are deriving from the tradition of Beijing. An open atmosphere and a bright interior environment are introduced instead of the depressive looks of the traditional museums. Many new techniques are used in the building, including the roof solar panel, siphon drainage system, concrete filled steel tube, metal false ceiling and the advanced intelligent building system.
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