Project > Beijing Xihuan Plaza


Cooperated with AREP, France
Location Xizhimen, Beijing
Floor Area 294,800㎡
Design Time 2000
Completion Time 2005
Height 105m


2010 National Best Project Design Industry Award Third Prize
2007 Architectural Society of China Structural Best Design Award Third Prize
2007 Architectural Society of China HVAC Best Design Award Third Prize
2009 Beijing Best Project Design Awards Second Prize

Beijing Xihuan Plaza

An innovative figure is introduced to respect the traditional architecture characters of Beijing old city, and creates a new skyline for the developing city. The main focus in the design is to gain more nature daylight for interior space. The complicated functions are reasonably arranged in a single body. In the evening, the lighting effects make the office buildings look like three light towers shining in the dark sky of the old city.

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