Project > National Tennis Gymnasium


Location Olympic Green, Beijing
Floor Area 51,199㎡
Design Time 2009
Completion Time 2011
Seats 15,000


2011 Architectural Society of China Structural Best Design Award First Prize
2013 China Architecture Design Award Architectural Design Silver Prize
Architectural Electric Design Golden Prize
2013 China Architectural Design Award Golden Prize
2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award Third Prize
2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

National Tennis Gymnasium

Specially designed for China Open, the National Tennis Gymnasium is located in the Beijing Olympic Zone. 16 sets of V-shaped columns are used to support the grandstand and be the envelope of the stadium. By extracting the visual elements out of the structure itself and eliminating unnecessary decorations, the architecture displays its grace and beauty with a pure balance between form, material, and construction, and is nominated as “Diamond Arena”. With more than 15,000 seats, it is largest stadium in China for tennis games with its state-of-art facilities. Besides the regular seating rows, two floors of glass boxes are placed to provide more exclusive seats for a better view within the limited space. A collapsible steel roof with a 12-minute-long opening procedure could react on the weather changes during the games. 
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