Project > Hainan International Conference & Exhibition Center


Location Haikou, Hainan Province
Floor Area 132,788㎡
Design Time 2009
Completion Time 2011


2013 National Best Project Design Industry Award First Prize
2013 China Architecture Design Award Architectural Design Golden Prize
Architectural Electric Design Silver Prize
2012 Beijing Best Project Design Award First Prize

Hainan International Conference & Exhibition Center

Hainan International Conference & Exhibition Center is situated in the new part of the city and adjoins to the sea on the north side. The exhibition center and the conference center are integrally designed that are absorbed into one huge mass. Sitting besides the sea, it becomes the terminal point and climax of the landscape axis of the city. The abstract manmade object appearing to be sea water, cloud, beach, marine creatures and ocean sight that tally with the temperament of ocean. The steel structure of the wavy shell roof consists of a combination of steel-pipe-truss grids and steel spatial structures. It not only creates unique building appearance but also highly unify with the interior space. 
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