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Foundation of Land-based Rationalism D·R·C

    The ten-year-old CUIKAI Studio will be renamed as the Land-based Rationalism D·R·C from the beginning of the horse year in order to promote the theory research and practice, to provide more development space to young design teams for a sustainable growth structure, and to promote ideas on value of the land-based rationalism for seeking the future of Chinese architecture with native characteristics. Mr. Cuikai (Academician of CAE) will be appointed as the director of the center, and Mrs. Zhang Yingqi as the deputy director. There will be one research office, three studios and one administration office. Altogether there are 37 staff and 6 graduate students. Projects management and operation accounting will be centralized in the research center to hold the staff together and keep the corporate culture. All the projects under the name of "CUIKAI Studio, CADREG" will be automatically transferred to the research center, while all the contract relationship and the design teams will keep the same. We look forward to all clients and friends to be with us always. 
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